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One Red Door 49 Village Way Hudson, Ohio 44236 330.342.DOOR (3667)


One Red Door: Contemporary comfort, adventurous flavors in Hudson
Shawn and Tiffany Monday modernize the "tavern" concept by creating a genial atmosphere and handsome decor,then throwing in some exciting dishes to jazzit up. Read More at

Come on In: Chef Shawn Monday’s One Red Door is familiar but never boring.
Order Monday’s Meatball and you’ll learn everything you need to know about Hudson’s One Red Door in a few tender bites. The inspiration behind the two hand-rolled meatballs ($4), a combination of house-ground beef, pork and veal, hails from one of chef and owner Shawn Monday’s family recipies. And with their charmingly imperfect shape, it shows. Read More at Cleveland Magazine

Eyes on the Fries: Chef Shawn Monday is Hudson’s king of frites
Any critic will tell you that you can’t judge a restaurant on the basis of one dish. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day, right? On the other hand, you can tell a lot about a chef by the attention he lavishes on even the most humble menu item. Take chef-owner Shawn Monday at Hudson‘s One Red Door, and his 48-hour process for creating french fries. Read More at

One Red Door
Friday night was girls’ night out with a few lovely ladies at One Red Door in Hudson. This was my second trip to the fairly new restaurant from chef Shawn Monday, formerly with Downtown 140, just a few steps from his urrent digs. Read More at

Monday‘s Child - The latest move from chef Shawn Monday looks like a master stroke
One Red Door and places like it are proving that dinners can have their polenta cake and eat it too. If spending less while eating well means we’ll have to make do without the starchy linens, hefty menus, and snooty maitre d’s, so be it. Truth is, it’s a whole lot more fun this way. Read More